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Phrozen Sonic XL 4k


Technical Specification

Buildsize: 190 * 120 * 200 mm

LCD: Monochrome 8,9″

LCD Resolution: 4k

XY Resolution: 50 µm

LED Array: ParaLed 3.0

Ports: RJ45, USB, microSD

Printer OS: Phrozen OS

Slicer: Phrozen 3D Powered by FormWare

Z Resolution: 10 – 300 µm

Z-axis: Dual Linear Rail with Ball Screw

Network: Ethernet, WiFi

Power Input :100-240 VAC – 50/60 HZ

Printer size: 29 * 33 * 47cm

Printer weight: 19,5Kg

Professional slicer license free

Price includes a free license of Phrozen 3D Pro Slicer by FormWare. (Value €199,-)

Packing List

Phrozen Sonic XL 3D Printer

Resin vat with fep film pre-mounted


EU Power Cable

Wifi adapter

Printing Kit (Gloves, Wiper/Scraper, Funnel, Etc.)

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Professional printing

High quality high resolution professional  mSLA 3D Printer

Suitable for many professionals dental, jewelry and product prototype applications.

High speed printing with monochrome LCD.

UV Engine Paraled 3 with best optical uniformity.

Open resin system compatible with most of commercially available LCD, DLP and SLA UV resins (405nm)

Resin profiles for Nextdent resins

Large touchscreen control and print from USB and WiFi. No need to connect to computer all the time

High quality z-axis guarantees perfect quality and repeatability.

Phrozen Sonic XL 4k
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