X-Mono by BlueCast - Bundle


Engineered by BlueCast for Jewelry and Dental applications

Every printers is assebled, calibrated and tested in Italy!

The Bundle include: 2 bottles of BlueCast X-One 500gr (high resolution and low temperature meltable resin) _ 2 Resin Tank _ 2 Build Platforms _ 1 Tool kit

The self-installing print profiles are provided with the included USB pen.

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Available in 30 days

Size - 52*35*48 cm

Box Size - 65*45*56 cm

Printing Volume - 190*120-200 mm

Printing Resolution - 3840x2400 pxl

Z Layers - 0,1 - 0,05 - 0,03 - 0,01

LCD screen - 4K Ultra HD 

UV Light source - Optimized matrix UV

Printing Speed - The operating speed of the BlueCast X-Mono is 30%  faster than the stock printer. 2cm/hr

Connectivity - USB Pen

SW - Chitu Box

Led source - Paraled 150 Watt. High-quality quartz lamps and a new matrix design optimized by BlueCast make the X-Mono the best option for jewelry and dental applications.

Firmware - The BC Firmware is the secreet that make X-Mono the best option for the customers need an incredible and true printing volume and a professional machine.

Printing profile - Open _ Ready to print

One Screw Z-Zero. 

1 Year Warranty