Zortrax M200


Zortrax M200 + side covers

Print technology: FDM _ filament - Diameter: 1.75

Printing volume: 200x200x180 mm

Nozzle diameter: 0.4 mm _ N extruders: 1

Maximum extrusion temperature: 380 ° C

Heated plate: YES - Maximum temperature 110 ° C

Resolution Z: 0.09 - 0.30 mm

X / Y positioning: 1.5 microns

Single point resolution X / Y: 0.4 mm

Recommended minimum thickness of the surfaces:> 0.8 mm

Connectivity: SD card - Management software: Z Suite

Printable materials: Z-Abs, Z ultrat, Z Hips, Z PCABS, Z petg, Z ESD, Z pla _ Third-party materials

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The professional 3D printing solution for your business. Exceptional print quality.

An accurate choice of heat and melting temperature in the extruder solves the common problem of inability to release material from the extruder. This was possible thanks to a variation in the physical properties of the material associated with the temperature.

The printer is made with an innovative calibration system that guarantee that the print platform is properly leveled every time. There are calibration points on the platform that calculate the exact position. The system is able to determine at what level the calibration points should be positioned. In case if there is a slight error, the extruder can adjust the position of the platform while the first layer of the model is deposited.

Zortrax m200