Phrozen Shuffle LITE


Print technology: LCD/DLP _ Resin

Print volume: 120x68x200 mm

Screen Resolutiont: 2K

Led power: 60 W - 405 nm

Led typer: Para Led V2

Resolution Z: 0.010 - 0.10 mm

Resolution X / Y: 47 microns

Recommended minimum thickness of the surfaces:> 0.4 mm

Connectivity: Eterneth, USB - Management software:Open

Printable materials: Resins 405 nm

Z-Axis: Dual Linear Rail

WI-FI:Ready to use

Slicing Software: PZ Slicer

Controlling SW: Phrozen OS

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Shuffle LITE:

Shuffle Lite is based on shuffle 2019 project and it offers excellent performances at an incredible price.

Compared to Phrozen Shuffle 2019 it have an orange plastic cover with an aggressive look, a single linear rail for the Z axis and the dimentions are smaller.

With a 5.5" High Resolution 2K LCD and a print volume of 120mm x 6.8mm x 200mm.  This little power house delivers where others fall short.  Using a ParaLED Matrix 50 Watt 24 Bulb UV/LED light source this printer delivers full build plate exposure to 100% even lighting resulting in the full use of the entire build area, no hot spots at all. 

Shuffle LITE is the best entry level printer for those who do not accept compromises.

Shuffle Lite
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