Zortrax M200 Plus


Zortrax M200 plus + side covers

Print technology: FDM _ filament - Diameter: 1.75

Printing volume: 200x200x180 mm

Nozzle diameter: 0.4 mm _ N extruders: 1

Maximum extrusion temperature: 350 ° C

Heated plate: YES - Maximum temperature 110 ° C

Resolution Z: 0.09 - 0.39 mm

X / Y positioning: 1.5 microns

Single point resolution X / Y: 0.4 mm

Recommended minimum thickness of the surfaces:> 0.8 mm

Connectivity: WiFi / USB / Ethernet - Management software: Z Suite

Printable materials: Z-Abs, Z ultrat, Z Hips, Z PCABS, Z petg, Z ESD, Z pla _ Third-party materials

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TheZortrax M200 Plus 3D printeris is the new version of the M200 3D printer. Even moreplug and playand professional, the M200 Plus is equipped with atouchscreenin color, of acontrol cameraintegrated or theend of filament detection.

The Zortrax M200 Plus is designed to meet the requirements of large-scale additive manufacturing. The unit is equipped with a number of advanced systems for fluid wireless project management. Based on the world-renowned Zortrax M200 design, the new 3D printer offers high performance and unshakable reliability.

The exceptional precision and unevenness of the Zortrax M200 makes it possible to produce 3D parts close to the plastic injection.

Compared to its predecessor, the M200, the Zortrax M200 Plus is now equipped with an end-of-filament detection system and a large color touch screen.With a steel nozzle, you will now be able to to print corosive and flexible filaments thanks to Z-SEMIFLEX!

Reduced maintenance and improved user experience

Color touch screen

The M200 Plus is equipped with a 4-inch touch screen for quick and easy access to all printer features as well as direct model visualization.

Monitoring via integrated camera

A built-in camera in the 3D printer enclosure allows you to keep a visual control of your print progress at all times.

USB / WiFi / Ethernet connectivity

The SD card port disappears to make room for a USB port. WiFi connectivity gives the possibility of remote management of one or more M200 Plus 3D printers.

Firmware updates

WiFi now allows you to perform firmware updates automatically and therefore regularly add new features to the printer interface.

Zortrax m200 plus
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