Phrozen Shuffle BLUECAST powered


Print technology: LCD/DLP _ Resin

Print volume: 120x68x200 mm

Screen Resolutiont: 2K

Led power: 50 W - 405 nm

Led typer: Para Led

Resolution Z: 0.010 - 0.10 mm

Resolution X / Y: 47 microns

Recommended minimum thickness of the surfaces:> 0.4 mm

Connectivity: Eterneth, USB - Management software:Open

Printable materials: Resins 405 nm


Phrozen Shuffle powered by BlueCast is equipped with a firmware developed by BlueCast for jewelery and dental applications. The excellent performancess of the standard version are improved.

Faster and more accurate Slicing

Z axis movement optimization

Increased connectivity: wide range wifi - remote management SW for multiple printers

FEP HD and BC X5 (casting resin) included

Phrozen Shuffle BC

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