X-Filigree V2


BlueCast X-Filigree V2  MONOCHROMATIC LCD - AND DLP printers

Castable: Yes - Castability: Very Good

Compatible with: LCD AND DLP PRINTERS. 

Before buy please check the printers compatibility.


UV care: 10 min

Shrinkage: Negligible

Color: Black

Size: 500 gr


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X-Filigree® V2 improved the performance of the previous version. The new resin has been improved to meet the needs of Middle Eastern designers. Thanks to the polymer it ensures perfect printing properties with sharp details, excellent dimensional stability in time without shrinkage . X-filigree® V2 was developed by BLueCast R&D in order to allow perfect filigree casting results with any kind of investments and burnout cycles. Standard wax burnout (12 hrs), Fast burnout ( 6 hrs), Ultra fast burnout (2 hrs).   

- No bleeding 

- Excellent dimensional stability in time for all tickness. No shrinkage.

- Low viscosity even at low temperature (easier to clean, easier to get back from patterns).

- Strong adhesion to platform, no need to primer.

X-Filigree V2 500gr
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